Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring pics!

I was starting to feel a little guilty for not documenting my babies lives a little better but I've turned over a new leaf and am trying to make time on a sunday to do so. We will see how long it will last! So............even though it was freezing outside we decided to take pictues this week. Corbin, as usual, was not a fan of this process. He kept shoving my lens out of his face while yelling "No pictures mom!"
And Drew, of course, was ever ready to take the pictures touting "how bout like this mom? or does this look cute?" Ahhh my little performer(s).
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  1. um what the model children!! FINALLY a post, i am so excited!

  2. Your kids are so beautiful, Amber. And they are growing up fast. Make sure our blog is on your list to visit as I have finally triumphed over the techie gremlins! ;)

    love and miss you,